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September Manifesto

So if anyone ever reads this regularly, then you’ll know that ‘the bright side’ the obvious design style that features on greeting cards and gifts, have a diary for 2012 - which I own. See here if you missed it: http://emmamcnic.tumblr.com/post/10276961849/2012-masterplan

Each month, I write out the manifesto because I find it amusing and caring is sharing, so again here goes:

Take long walks (avoid short cliffs)

S…t…r…e…t…c…h yourself (especially after long walks)

Don’t give up

Never give up

Ponder the universe

Enjoy puddles

Do some good deeds



Go for it

Gain a phobia (the weirder the better)

Learn impressive facts & at least one new party trick

Be the happy sort

And always try to look on the bright side of life.

This has got to be my favourite one yet. I ponder the universe frequently, I like hugs, I like filing and my party trick (ok it’s not new but newly discovered by my work colleagues) is that I can repeat the alphabet backwards.

Happy September!

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