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Your April mission…

(should you choose to accept it) is to:

Happify yourself
& everyone you meet.

To be the happiest person you know.
The one everyone wants at their party.

To mix crazy cocktails for no reason at all (who needs a reason?)
& think up silly things to do on an ordinary Tuesday*
*like an impromptu limbo competition - maybe with cocktails

& to learn to know the things that will make you feel
when you do them*

*like calling someone lovely, or doing something nice or learning a new incredible fact & telling it to someone with a dramatic pause & your eyebrows raised


This April: go forth and be happy.

PS today is “be at one with chocolate day” so that makes me happy already!

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April Me-Ness Mantra

I’m a bit late publishing this month…

Repeat after me…

I am amazing
I am wonderful
I am brilliant

And April is going to be the best month yet.

I will be kind to myself each & every single day & not waste a moment worrying* (*I might waste them messing about or eating cheese instead)

But I definitely won’t worry.
especially about things I can’t change.


I shall focus on today…NOW…this minute
And make the very most of it.

I will turn off the TV,
Get outside, get creative,
& get more me than I’ve ever been before.

Yes April you rock. And so do I.

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April Manifesto

Because the 1st is Sunday, and I am hoping to be somewhere in the vicinity of Clapham with a drink in the sun, and I’m meant to be watching rugby at Wembley tomorrow, today is the day for the April Manifesto. Brought to you from my jolly diary.

Treat everyday like a special occasion and every person like a V.I.P (including of course, your very good self)

Make the bed everyday (well, maybe every other)

Keep the TV off

Keep your party threads on

Knit (or Doodle)

Take it all in your stride

Change the world (even just a little bit)

Pump the volume

Grab life by the round things

and always try to look on the brightside.

Think I’ll try the first two first! Watch out for April 5th, ‘pretend to be a secret agent day’ and April 19th ‘practice your evil laugh day (pick room with echoey acoustics’.

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